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We offer first and second cut hay in both bundles and single bale loads.  Depending on your hay needs, we may be able to use a dropped trailer to your site.  We focus on quality hay, and ensure that the hay we provide to our customers is the best quality and that it meets our customers needs.

We can provide nutrient analysis on request.

First Cut Hay

Available Bundled or as Single Bales

We proudly offer first cut hay that contains Orchard, Timothy & Alfalfa in varied proportions.  We can find the hay that suits you based on your preferences.  First cut hay tends to have lower alfalfa percentages, ranging from 10-30% alfalfa and the remainder being made up of Timothy or Orchard Grasses.

Second Cut

Available Bundled or as Single Bales

Our second cut hay is heavier in alfalfa than first cut hay, but we also have heavier grasses in some hay.  Alfalfa percentages range from 10-90%, with orchard grasses making up the rest of the composition.

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