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Quality Controls

We make it a point to be very careful with our hay quality. Since you are adamant about the quality of the hay for your customers (or animals), we are too. Unlike some other hay companies, we insist on attending all of our loads to ensure that every bale of hay that is loaded onto one of our trucks reaches you and meets your strict quality requirements.

To this end, we have taken the food safety courses from the FDA and follow our own food safety policies to ensure that the quality of all our hay is what you would expect if you grew and put the hay into your own facilities.

Our customers have access to Food Safety Validation Plan information that will help them to develop their own food safety plans to ensure that their deliveries (even if they aren't of our hay) will meet their own strict quality controls.

If you'd like to talk about hay quality, or discuss development of your own food safety validation plan, give us a call or shoot an email and we'll work on it with you.

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