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The Importance of the FSVP

Recently, while talking with one of our customers they mentioned that one of our competitors told them that having a Food Safety Verification Plan wasn't really that important. So, we feel that it's very important to outline why it is important, and further, the implications that you could face as an importer for not having a food safety plan.

You can read up in full on the food safety plan, from the FDA's website here:

80% of all failures and 503 findings from FDA audits for feed stores surround failure to have a FSVP in place. Having an outstanding finding against your business will result in more audits, and may result in the FDA stopping any imports from foreign countries.

So, with that said, we understand that you could simply bring your hay in from within the US and not have to worry about having a food safety plan in place. To help with this, we have become certified to develop food safety plans, and are happy to assist you in developing your food safety plan, to ensure that any audits that you receive from the FDA will be successful. We can't write the plan for you, since we have a vested interest, but we can help you with it, and we don't charge any fees for this, since we feel it's important to our customers that they are able to continue to import from us without disruption.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via chat, or through a phone call, we're always here to help.

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